About me

Hi I’m Kayleigh, I’m a Yoga teacher, Nutritional adviser and Reiki therapist based in the U.K but ultimately, I’m just another human trying to find my way in the world.

I want to fill this blog with positive posts as there is enough fear in the world, you will find articles on living a positive life, mindfulness, becoming sustainable, working with energy, amazing book and media reviews, vegan recipes, yoga, meditation and much more….

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My personal self….

I’m forever a student, each person I meet, each experience I have and each trip I’m lucky enough to take, I am absorbing all the knowledge I can that’s available. I love to attend events where I can meet others who want to talk about things outside of our daily discussions quantum, consciousness, manifesting, anything that some would call bizarre. I’m always reading and researching on topics I love such as Yoga, meditation, nutrition, natural plant medicine and energy. I have a deep gratitude for my wonderful family, beautiful friends and my adopted cat all who bring so much joy to my life. I’m forever soul-searching and wander lusting and look forward to connecting with you soon…..


My Spiritual self….

After working for many years in an industry I didn’t feel I belonged to I went on a yoga retreat, I had practiced yoga and meditation for many years but this was the first time I had practiced yoga for that many hours each day.
The week’s theme was working through the Chakra system and this week of my life was one where I experienced the most profound spiritual experience I believe I could have.
Some would call it a Kundalini awakening others would say I caught a glimpse of Samadhi but I’m not sure what I would call it I just know it has changed my life forever.
During the yoga classes in each posture beautiful vivid colours correlating to the chakra system were bursting from my body and hands, in each posture I could feel myself opening up and connecting to something more than what is of our physical realm.
I felt an overwhelming sense of bliss, I knew no dualism and felt a deep connection to natural spirit.
I come home immediately to a plant based diet after being a meat eater for many years, I instantly become a more compassionate person and I had no interest in judgement. It was as if a veil of illusion had fallen and everything I had ever known was not as it seemed.
I now knew my life was meant for something more than I was using it for, I wanted to help people on a physical and spiritual level.
Since then I have never experienced anything like what I did on that week and for a while I became a bit of a spiritual junkie. I was trying to force or induce that blissful state once more! Needless to say it didn’t work and I decided to accept I may never experience anything like it again but I am deeply grateful that I did and although going through such an intense spiritual experience has brought me to shed some of the most heartfelt tears I have ever shed its also brought me to life…..

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The yoga retreat that changed my life


My physical self….

As a teenager bending down in my tight skinny jeans and having my knees popping out of their sockets was an unsettling experience and the pain as I had to stand and pop them back in was unbearable.
I didn’t really think about why this happened at the time but quickly learned to bend at the waist and not at the knees when wearing my jeans.
At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with auto immune disorders such as an under active thyroid, coeliac disease, chronic urticaria and struggled with constant muscle pain and fatigue.
I was later diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome and everything dropped in to place, my muscle pain and weakness, chronic headaches, my flat feet when standing, my painful popping knees and the fact that my skin was so delicate I once got a stretch mark on my bum from rolling over on an air bed! I was so happy to have a diagnosis as it allowed me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and make a plan to help myself.
I became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired so decided to take a natural path of healing to cure my thyroid problems, repair my gut and manage the JHS naturally without the strong antidepressant medication the medical profession tried to prescribe me with.
By following a healthy gluten free plant based diet, exploring natural remedies, meditation, visualisation, learning to rest and learning to exercise to suit my body has cured my thyroid disorder (I am no longer on thyroxine medication) it has healed my gut to ensure I am receiving wonderful nutrients from delicious nourishing food and helps to manage the headaches and pain I experience from JHS.
I do sometimes still over do it and my body isn’t perfect but I have learnt that giving my body the respect it deserves for its capabilities keeps me feeling healthy and vibrant more often than not.
I also find practising gratitude daily can stop me feeling sorry for myself as we all do sometimes, remembering there is so many people who don’t have the health I have or half of the things I can be grateful for really keeps me humble and keeps things in perspective.

Your health is in your hands and understanding the physical and energetic fuel we put in to our bodies can either heal or harm us is the fundamental key to healing yourself…..


My future self….

I’m manifesting a retreat! I will have a permanent home where people can come and join me to work on their physical and spiritual selves.
Until then I’m forever learning, connecting with people and building a conscious tribe, teaching yoga, sharing knowledge and doing all I can to help others realise their divine evolutionary potential.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope to connect with you soon.

Changing our own consciousness changes the consciousness of the collective.
By changing ourselves we can change the world.


Love Kayleigh