I’m 3 days in to my latest juice fast and feeling tired! First two days I was bouncing but spent yesterday from 7AM sanding, painting and generally running about probably not the best thing to do on a juice fast! Today I’m taking it easy and tomorrow I’ll probably be feeling super again, there is always a day on a fast that is a little bit tiring or you get the HANGER! It’s just our bodies releasing the toxins! Today has inspired me to share my personal health journey to remind myself why I do these fasts and cleanses. I hope it might inspire another to own their health or at least it might make for an interesting read.

I was healthy as a small child, breast fed for a year and later fed amazing food, I was in great health not even a cold!

I was given the MMR vaccine and was severely ill with a bad reaction, coincidence or a result of the vaccine my immune system was failing I got everything going and had reoccurring bouts of tonsillitis, they were constantly infected and later I had them removed! (NOTE: this following statement is going to be a reoccurring theme) If only I knew then what I know now.

My younger brother brought home a verruca from school like most kids do and passed it on to me, my immune system again couldn’t cope and I developed perhaps 100 on the soles of my feet! After the doctor tried and failed to cure them by painfully treating them with liquid nitrogen!! Wow this was scary and painful for a small child! My amazingly knowledgeable dad cured these with Manuka honey and plasters! 2 weeks and they were gone!

At 15-16 I developed a goitre the doctor diagnosed under active thyroid and prescribed thyroxine that he said I would have to take for life so I started taking the tables. Again, if only I knew then what I know now.

At the same time, I started to develop severe problems with my digestion my food was passing through my system too quickly, If I ate bread my stomach would look six months pregnant and I was in constant pain, I had constant diarrhoea and often was sick, (I know too much information! Life isn’t always Instagram ready ay)

for years doctors told me this was normal or palmed me off with IBS but finally after I suggested gluten intolerance the doctor tested me for celiac, Sure enough giving up wheat and gluten solved many of these digestive problems within 2 weeks!! What damage was done after not absorbing any nutrients from my food for years?

My eyebrows had fallen out at the sides, my nails grew spoon shape, I felt weak, tired and unwell every day.

A little later after a smear test it was discovered that I had SIN 3 pre-cancerous cells, again my immune system wasn’t doing what other peoples did! I had conventional treatment and I have always eaten relatively healthy but again If only I knew then what I know now.

5 or 6 years ago I became a vegetation, this was inspired by a spiritual journey not the health benefits but again If only I knew then what I know now I would have been vegetarian or vegan much earlier in my life.

So, eating healthy, being vegetarian but still suffering!!

Fibromyalgia some days not being able to lift my arms above my head and so exhausted with pain and tiredness spending the weekends not being able to move and Chronic Urticaria, hives every time I took a shower and the hot water touched my skin I would be covered in itchy red spots for at least an hour after!

My body needed resetting, my immune system needed help! All my answers came in the form of Veganism, Juicing and Raw foods.

Only we can help ourselves, we are responsible for our health, I would have done anything to feel better and most of the time now I feel amazing! If I start to feel a little under the weather or a little toxic heavy I will do a juice fast, 7-10-14 days of raw fruit and vegetable juice! Or a raw diet just fruits and salad.

Giving up gluten and all animal products has made a massive change to my life! I feel alive, pain free, not tired, not unwell, and comforted that I’m causing as little harm as possible to our wonderful earth home.

I stopped my thyroxine over a year ago and have perfect thyroid health, I stopped eating dairy and the hives stopped, I stopped eating Gluten and my stomach repaired itself and I chose to flood every cell in my body with highly nutritious foods. I rarely am ill, my immune system is strong, I don’t often get colds or anything that’s going around and I have an abundance of energy!

There is so many inspirational videos available featuring people who have cured diabetes, cancers, obesity, asthma, hypoglycemia, Chron’s disease, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcerative colitis and many more illnesses through juicing and raw food.

A great one is Jason Vales Super juice me, 8 people with chronic illness juice fast for 28 days with amazing results, Watch it here…

I am not against the medical profession they do wonders but pharmaceutical drugs should be always second to changing our diet, the medical profession is masking the symptoms and not addressing the cause, diet and toxicity! I was eating a healthy diet but needed to reset and heavily detox before I could return to normal vegan eating.

The world we live in eating toxic food and using toxic products are too much for our bodies detoxification system to deal with and result in illness, change the food going In and we become highly efficient at removing waste.

I would recommend a juice fast to everyone even if you don’t have any illnesses or complaints, juice fasting periodically resets our system, fills us with vitality and keeps us well.

Now I know what I know now I will never go back, I could have got more medication that added more toxins to my system, I could have carried on doing the same expecting something to change, I could be now ill with more chronic conditions but I chose health, I chose to educate myself, I chose to heal myself. It’s a choice to do the best you can for your body and that choice is available to everyone. It’s not hard to do a juice fast if you change your perspective instead of thinking about what your giving up, think about what you are getting, juicing can come with some detoxification symptoms and a few days can be hard going but anything worth having doesn’t come easy, it does get easier and you come through the other side feeling fantastic and knowing that you have benefited every amazing cell in your body.

People ask me don’t you miss bread, milk, meat or anything that they are eating that I can’t or won’t? To this I always reply no, to me this is no sacrifice, what is more important than our health?

Have you healed an illness with diet? Do you juice fast or eat raw foods?

I would love to hear your story.

By changing our own consciousness we change the consciousness of the collective. By changing ourselves we can change the world.


Love Kayleigh

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