According to Ayurveda the ancient sister science of Yoga, time is divided in to categories the Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha each dominate parts of every day.

Between 6-10 AM and PM Kapha is dominate, Kapha is the energy of water and earth and therefore is heavy and sluggish.

Between 10-2 AM and PM Pitta is dominate and is has the energy of fire and water, this is when AM, the sun is highest in the sky and dominates productivity.

Between 2-6 AM and PM Vata is dominate with its energy of air and space it governs a time of transition where day gives way to sunset and night gives way to sunrise.

Therefore, according to the science, we should be up before 6AM and in bed before 10PM. Wake up after Kapha becomes dominant in the morning and we may awake feeling sluggish and not sleeping before Pitta takes over at 10PM can fire us up subsequently disturbing our sleep. According to Ayurveda this Pitta phase at night is a time that deals with internal cleansing, that sounds important right?!

When I thought about this it made sense, if I sleep in even to 7.30-8.00 AM I feel sluggish and if I’m awake past 11-11.30 I become wider awake or ‘’overtired’’ as my mum would once say.

I know Ayurvedic herbs have benefited me so I thought this could too? So therefore, I thought right I’m going to do this! Why not I haven’t got anything else to do, being a wife, running a business, renovating a house, building a yoga following, teaching some yoga classes and as a gluten free vegan preparing 90% of my meals from scratch, some days acing it, some days barely holding my shit together, this will be no problem!

You know what a couple of weeks in and I feel great, the first few days of rising at 5.30-5.45 were a bit much and I was really tempted to reset the alarm for a little later. I persevered and after a few days it wasn’t a problem.

This has given me 3 hours before my work day starts that’s amazing! I sit quietly, meditate, practice yoga or do a work out, morning movement mediation to get the blood pumping and the lymph moving.  It’s a blissful time of day, calm, peaceful and gives me time to gently awaken my mind and body with the rising of the sun.

I’m consciously trying to avoid any media or phone before 8.45 AM too as we are so connected to the outside world we often forget to scroll through our own consciousness to see what’s going on there.

By 12 o’clock I have completed so much and I have so much more time, I have time to read again!

Getting up so early helps with getting to bed early and I’m taking time to wind down before bed, no phone after 8pm unless it’s essential as the artificial light affects our inner time clock and getting to bed for around 9.15 for sleep at 10-10.30. Will I do this forever? probably as I feel so alert and productive but will I excuse myself at a dinner to get home for bedtime? no, a little flexibility is fine but I feel healthier, happier, I have more time to do things for myself that I enjoy and my productivity has tripled.

The more I learn about Ayurveda the more I find ways to implement it in to my life and it’s changing it for the better.

Forever learning and finding ways to nurture mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we forgot to take care of ourselves however if we can’t care for ourselves we won’t be able to care for others. I find keeping in contact with nature as much as possible soothes my soul, reduces stress and regulates our internal systems with the flow of mother earth.

Walking outside amongst trees, putting our bare feet on the earth or sleeping outside can ground us and reinforce our connection to the natural world.

image2 (1)

Do you follow an Ayurvedic sleep pattern, dabble in herbs or other Ayurvedic practices?

I would love to hear your story.

By changing our own consciousness we change the consciousness of the collective. By changing ourselves we can change the world.


Love Kayleigh

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