My experience at a Shamanic Cacao ceremony…

Cacao is a gift from the Amazon, known as “the food of Gods” used by the ancients for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, it is said that when humanity has lost touch with nature the Cacao spirit will surface and bring with it its heart opening teachings.

We may have all seen, heard about and probably had Cacao in some form or another however Cacao is coming to us in an unusual way, brought to us by shamans of the now. I recently attended a Cacao ceremony led by the amazing, no nonsense talking, urban shaman that is Rebekah Shaman. Rebekah had a calling that took her to the Amazon where she studied under a powerful shaman, learning with Ayahuasca to connect with Mother Earth.

She works with plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Cannabis and Cacao and regularly holds retreats and ceremonies in London and in the magical Amazon.

I was lucky enough to attend a Cacao ceremony in London with Rebekah and I had underestimated the powerful plant medicine that is Cacao.

I went in not really expecting to feel much, maybe a relaxing, heart opening mediation but what I experienced was much more, very powerful and very cleansing.

The day started with a hug with everyone in the room, this pushes your boundaries and it’s awesome, connecting in such a way sets the precedent for the day.

We sat in a circle and talked, picked a guidance card that might reflect what’s hidden in our unconscious and shared what we wanted to get from the experience, this felt very liberating and again built the connection of the group. I spoke that I wanted to experience Cacao in a ceremonial space, clear any blockages in my heart chakra and to lose any fear I was holding.

The cacao was served, warm, extremely bitter, working its way past my lips down to heat the belly, calming, relaxing, mind stimulating.

We lay down after finishing our Cacao and Rebekah guided us on a meditation, opening our crown chakra connecting to infinite consciousness, cleansing ourselves with white, universal light, opening the root chakra and letting go of anything not serving us in to the earth, we left our bodies. We asked the Cacao spirit for any messages it may have for us and we continued to go deeper and deeper. It’s all a bit of a blur, I can’t tell you how long it lasted and most things I experienced but I have one vivid memory, a visualisation, my crown chakra opening, my head splitting in two and falling away, inside was a dark galaxy full with millions of brilliant stars!

After what seemed like a good while we were guided back in to our bodies out of the ceremony and sat again in the circle, we shared our experiences, an overwhelming theme ran through the group, Cacao had told us we are on the right path, it had told us to keep going and whatever we were experiencing in our lives, everything is going to be fine.

Rebekah gave us a liquid in our hands to smell and place on our pulse points to ground us, I’m not sure what it is but would be interested to find out, Rebekah did say, but my Cacao mind full of the experience totally forgot! I felt sky high, my crown felt wide open, I kept touching my head to close it, it was extremely intense!

We laughed, some cried and each one of us released a weight we were carrying, we hugged and Rebekah closed the space.

My friend and I headed out, bleary eyed, feeling dreamy and humming songs, Waterloo sunset was substituted with Waterloo station, strange! We ate to ground us and went home, I was exhausted that night, I went to bed with an intense feeling that my crown chakra was still wide open. I guess it really can take it out of you connecting to universal energy!  I slept sound, woke up feeling fresh with new energy, with new clarity, a feeling of freedom and lightness, a sense of comfort that I’m following my path and a powerful desire to learn more about Cacao, to experience her again, to delve in to her heart opening offerings and to gain more wisdom on her teachings.

One day I will join Rebekah in the Amazon, it’s not my time now but soon.

If you can get to one of Rebekah’s ceremonies, I highly recommend this healing experience to everyone.

Everyone’s Cacao experience is different so go with no expectations and see what messages the spirit of Cacao has for you!

If you want to purchase Cacao please ensure its responsibly grown and ethically sourced, Rebekah has Cacao for sale on her website that directly supports local tribes.

Visit Rebekah’s website for more information:

Here you can find Rebekah’s fascinating documentary about her story and how she came to Amazon to learn about the plant medicine that is Ayahuasca:

The Shamans Last Apprentice

Have you experienced Cacao in a ceremonial space? I would love to hear your experience!

By changing our own consciousness we change the consciousness of the collective. By changing ourselves we can change the world.


Love Kayleigh




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